STOCKTON (CBS13) — A 14-year-old girl has died after the car she was a passenger in crashed in Los Banos, southwest of Merced and it was all live on Instagram.

The teen’s older sister was behind the wheel and now sits in jail after being suspected of causing that crash while under the influence of alcohol.

“This is my first best friend ever,” said a neighbor.

Friends are remembering 14-year-old Jacqueline, a sweet and caring girl they tragically saw die on social media.

They were too upset to talk but wanted to share this video of their best friend who grew up next door with her 18-year-old sister, Obduila Sanchez.

“This is really sad. My own daughter can’t even sleep at night thinking of her friend who’s now gone,” said neighbor Irma Hernandez.

The California Highway Patrol says Sanchez was under the influence of alcohol when she crashed. She was also streaming live on Instagram. The video shows her dancing and singing with Jacqueline and another 14-year-old also in the car.

“This is an incident that impacts all of us. Why did she have to die in that manner? To me, the video made it seem like she was intentionally trying to hurt her sister,” said Hernandez.

According to the CHP, Sanchez rolled the vehicle over and into a barbed wire fence. Both passengers did not have seat belts on and were ejected. Jacqueline died at the scene while the camera was still live.

“I killed my sister,” said Sanchez in the video.

Wilisha Beatty-Cherry founder of the youth organization, Fruitful Cherry just hosted a youth rally where they talked about teens making responsible decisions like not drinking and driving.

“That young girl made such a poor choice and the effect, that breaks my heart,” she said.

Teen drivers say the disturbing video is also a wakeup call in the ongoing struggle against distracted driving.

“I think about like accidents and people dying, and mammas crying and stuff like that and I really try not to use my phone or I try my hardest to tell people to get off their phones,” said teen driver, Cutrell Haywood.

The other 14-year-old girl in the car was taken to the hospital with major injuries. Friends tell us 14-year old Jacqueline was preparing to celebrate a family event this coming weekend.

Sanchez remains in jail and faces charges of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence and a DUI.


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