By Jason Ross

Next week the calendar hits August and that means football is finally here.  As great as the Summer time is it can be a bit taxing on sports fans.  We get so much from sports throughout the year but it feels a little light in the Summer, specifically July.  Now that the calendar will turn to the eighth month that means we return our attention to football.

If NFL, college or high school is your thing then you are in luck.  Heck, maybe you love all of them.  NFL teams are reporting to camp, the Hall of Fame game is in less than a week.  The college football season starts in August and high school teams will be ramping up very soon.  Most of the off-season NFL news can be doom and gloom but when they actually get on the gridiron the sport is great theater.

The Raiders have a long term future in Vegas but in the short term they should be a lot of fun to watch in Oakland.  The 49ers are starting a complete rebuild and there is only one way to go for them from the bottom and that is up.  Fantasy football fans will be getting ready to participate in drafts over the next couple of weeks. So basically it is here, and those that thirst for football the long wait is over.

It can be a struggle for our daily radio shows to come up with content this time of year.  Football fills that void easily.  It lays out perfectly for talk shows.  Monday and Tuesday are recaps of what happened over the weekend and then you flip the script and focus on the next game for the remainder of the week.  I look forward to talking about performances on the field as opposed to what happened off of it.

I love college football so much too.  It has its flaws but it also has great debates.  Those are about to begin on scheduling, Heisman watch, which conference is the best, the BCS polls, and who are the best pro prospects.  The football journey is about to begin and all I can say is , thank goodness.




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