SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the nation is getting ready for next month’s solar eclipse, NASA is warning people should be careful about buying eclipse glasses online.

We’re all told at a young age to never stare at the sun. But next month people will want to see the eclipse, and they can do so with the right glasses. But if those glasses aren’t up to snuff, your eyes could pay the price.

“If you were to stare at it long enough for such a long period of time, you could potentially go blind,” said Caitlin Everhart with the Powerhouse Science Center. “And there have been a couple reports of people selling these glasses that aren’t up to standard.”

It may take awhile before you would go completely blind, but it doesn’t take long to start seeing some damage.

The right glasses will have a logo that says ISO on it, and the number 123122. The film of the glasses has a special filter that greatly reduces the amount of UV light reaching the eye.


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