By Christopher Millard

Maybe you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, or maybe you’re looking to shake things up when the kids are at home for Summer vacation. Regardless, Summer vacation leaves you wondering what in the world you can do to occupy your youngest children.  Have no fear. Here are 5 quick solutions to the summertime blues. Fun for all ages, including adults. This list has plenty of ideas, from the high tech to the old school, Sac has plenty of ideas. Here’s a handful.

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Climbaroo Indoor Play Center
4421 Gateway Park Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 928-9766

Yard apes are best in their natural habitat. So, why not take the kids to a place whose namesake is what they do best. Climbaroo’s indoor play area is a safe, clean, indoor jungle gym with a few extra perks. Kids love it because they get to group play, parent’s like it because they can keep their eye on their child and pretty much the entire time (think field of vision. With food and music, Climbaroo has all the stimulation your littles crave. Come early, stay late.

Zion Virtual Reality
1140 Exposition Blvd., Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 800-0926

Your kids are the future, introduce them straight away. At Zion Virtual Reality, your kids have access to the best games and the best equipment. It’s all meticulously cleaned and maintained for your child’s safety. A selection of games are available, and you can switch games easily and as often as you like. Take your child around the globe and into outer space without leaving the ground. It’s fun for the entire family, with group packages available. Head to the expo, and glimpse the future together.

Sacramento Pipeworks
116 N. 16th St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 341-0100

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Staying with the jungle gym theme, think of the Sacto Pipe Works as a jungle gym on steroids Despite the mammoth size of the Pipeworks, they still have time to serve as a community exercise. Info boards, clinics and more accompany the space. Find a climbing partner, get lessons regardless of skill level, and just have a generally great time. Safe, clean and staffed with helpful people, The Sacto Pipe Works is a winner for all ages in the greater Sacramento area.

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Funderland Amusement Park
1350 17th Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 456-0131

Funderland Amusement Park is an old school style amusement park, with many of the classic amusement park rides. Go carts, octopus rides, carousels, squirrely whirls and plenty of photo opportunity props make Funderland a young child destination. Complete with a squirrely squirrel mascot, Happy the squirrel users in the good times. Grandpa and grandma will remember these timeless rides. South Land Park has your answer for your bored littlest children.

Fairytale Town
3901 Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 9582
(916) 808-7462

Last but not least, the Sac Town favorite, Fairytale Town. As if their rides weren’t enough, puppet shows, musical performances and camping nights, have established Fairytale Town as Sacramento’s authority on amusement parks for generations. Right next to the Sac zoo, you can hit up Fairyland Town, grab a light lunch at the snack bar and go catch the monkeys; all in one fell swoop.

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