WASHINGTON (AP) – Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved Thursday to again punish so-called sanctuary cities, this time threatening to deny federal crime-fighting resources to four cities beset by violence if they don’t step up efforts to help detain and deport people living in the country illegally.

The Justice Department sent letters to cities struggling with gun violence, telling them they will be ineligible for a new program that aims to root out drug trafficking and gang crime unless they give federal immigration authorities access to jails and provide advance notice before releasing someone in custody who is wanted on immigration violations. The cities – Baltimore, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Stockton and San Bernardino in California – all expressed interest in the Justice Department’s new Public Safety Partnership, which enlists federal agents, analysts and technology to help communities find solutions to crime.

“By taking simple, common-sense considerations into account, we are encouraging every jurisdiction in this country to cooperate with federal law enforcement,” Sessions said in a statement that accompanied the letters. “That will ultimately make all of us safer – especially law enforcement on our streets.”

In the letters, the department asked the four prospective cities’ police departments to show proof of their compliance by Aug. 18.

The threat marks Sessions’ latest effort to force local authorities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, part of a push to reduce crime he believes is linked to illegal immigration. Sessions has pledged to make fighting street crime the Justice Department’s top priority, but the strategy is putting him at odds with some city leaders, who say the best way to fight crime and build community trust is to keep local police out of federal immigration matters.

Sessions last week told jurisdictions they need to meet the same conditions or lose out on millions of dollars from a separate program that aims to send grant money to support law enforcement. That move made some local officials more defiant.

The Justice Department in June tapped 12 cities to receive aid through the Public Safety Partnership, and officials said the four cities that were sent the letters had expressed interest in the next chance at participating. Cities were chosen based on higher-than-average rates of violence and willingness to receive the help and training. Cities that want to be involved going forward will have to show they allow unfettered communication between police and federal immigration authorities, give agents access to jails in order to question immigrants, and provide them 48-hours’ notice when someone in the country illegally is about to be released.

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  1. Post Aug. 3rd 2017
    1. The old man, Abu Mazen, the Palestinian president, is approaching his end. On Saturday he was hospitalized for checks after he suffered some disorders. He attacked Israel many times in international institutes. He submitted many requests to discuss, in international forums, issues/subjects that could be solved in face to face meetings. His aim as to cause to Israel troubles/headache more than the final results. At the present, he feels that his day is coming. He didn’t prepare substitution to take the leads after he disappear from the stage. There are couple of people that want to inherit his chair. As they were, all these years, in the shad we really don’t know them very well. Abu Mazen was very bad to Israel, as he was very stubborn, but one thing, that he was interesting too, he was cooperating with Israel. It was the security. It was not because he likes Israel and wanted to keep Israel secured. In contrary: he wanted Israel to watch him of his people. He was afraid of his life.
    2. He was the one that stopped/decreased the volume of the organized/armed terror, he established the cooperation with Israel concerning mutual fight against terrorists, he stick in the 2 states solution, he was acting against Hamas and caused the separation between Gaza and the West Bank, He rejected every conversation/discussion/negotiations concerning the solution of this conflict. All his activities helped Israel as the Western state learned to know him and to support Israel due to his escape from the solutions that were put on the table to solve this conflict.
    3. His luck was the Muslim majority in the international institutes that gave him the advantage on Israel. The world leading states, the G, and the OECD, know him very well and this is the reason that Israel is supported by the developed world and the 2 major countries: India and China.
    4. So, the next person that will substitute Abu Mazen is unknown to Israel. There are 5 candidates. Some of the were better, not good to Israel, some of the less, but the common subjects that all of them will support, that are most important for the Palestinians are the following: Establishment of Palestinian state which its capital is Jerusalem, to give the Palestinian refugees the right to return to their state, free of all prisoners no matter the reason for their jailing, not to recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.
    5. For the entire of the Arab/Muslim world, these are the core of their demands, besides more, that they are prepared to give/return their souls to God. A leader that will disclaim one or more of these principals has not chance to live.
    6. The funny thing with the Israeli Arabs that most of them like Israel, their lives in Israel and wish/want to keep the stand still position. But, their leaders push them to resist Israel. After the last 2 weeks in which there were a lot of clashes and a lot of casualties, from both sides, the Arab leaders did not condemn the attacks/killing of Israelis. When they were offered to go to live in Arab states, if they like the lives there and dislikes their lives in Israel-they rejected this offer. Why? Ask them. Actually, it is obvious that their lives, here, with the Jews, are much better than in any of the Arab countries.
    7. Following the last 2 weeks events, the President of Israel, Mr. Rubi Rivlin, met with the leadership of the Israeli Arabs and condemned their silence after the last murders. They still keep silence. This is not the behavior of leaders that want to live in friendship/peace. Such silence can deteriorate the relation between Israeli Arabs and Jews to a very dangerous point.
    8. Yesterday, Wed. lunch a 19yerars old Palestinian, step into a supermarket and stabbed the manager very severely. He was rushed to hospital in a very critic and unstable condition. Today there was some improvement in his condition. He must have some more operations that will start today.
    9. Yesterday a young Palestinian girl was trying to stab Israeli guards in their position. She was stopped after she was warned and dropped the 8″ knife. She was lucky that the soldiers did not shot her to death. Her life was saved. I wonder what makes/motivate these youngsters to go to stab Israelis. The answer is the incitement. This can be the only reason. I wish that they would have get different/better education: how to create lives not how to stop lives.
    10. The body of a murdered 29 years old Israeli girl, in her 5 month pregnancy was found in the dunes. The police arrested, yesterday the murderer. He was Palestinian from Nablus. The reason: She was Jewish. This is, again, the education of incitement and hatred.
    11. Maybe the solution for cognitive, autism and other diseases are on the way to be detected early and can be eliminated. This is following a major research that was conducted in Israel and its results were published in “Genetics in Medicine”. The research was taken on 21594 samples. The research also found the solution how to fix/improve the genetic faults. This is very promising. The problem that such researchers take very long time and it will be implemented many years from now. The point is that Israel is conducting this research. Israel is developing the systems to improve genetics.
    12. Who is going to benefit out of this innovation and use it very often? The Muslims. The people that always say that they don’t/will use Israeli technologies. The Muslims, in order to keep their family’s assets they marry only in their closer families. These cause problems with genetics. This is the reason that they have so many genetic/mental/health problems in their families. So, they will be the ones that will use it instantly. So, on one hand they cheat Israel and the world on the other hand they don’t appreciate what Israel is doing for them and on the 3rd hand they want to kill all Jews, because this is what is written in the Quran. They don’t read, are not advanced and don’t know how the world is conducted which means they are not interested to know that Israel is developing a lot of technologies that help them to survive and to live.
    13. OK. Israel is supplying the world, besides the health care and medicines, also food. Actually the technology to produce food. I don’t remember if it was on Google or on the Facebook the info about the big research of multiplying/doubling the quantity rice for the use of poor people. In addition, Israel is developing new vegetables/fruits. One of the developers of seeds were sold to a world seeds/food producer for $400000. This is a big achievement of the Israeli agricultural sector.
    14. The “Organization for Islamic cooperation” is gathering 57 Islam states from all over the world was established in 1969, following the attempt of a young fellow to blow up “Al Aqsa” mosques. Their purpose is “to support the Palestinian people that live under occupation and to help them to achieve/return all its rights/strength including the right to self-determination and the right to establish his state, whose capital is Jerusalem while preserving the historical character and Islamic of this city”. They also want to stop the Israeli spread in the Arab state of Israel. This organization enlarged his purposes and act now to impose the Islam in the world. So, from Israeli/Jewish problem it became a worldwide problem. The Indians, Lebanon, Kosovo, Bosnia suffer very much of this organization. Who is the next to suffer?

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