SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A mother is speaking out after her son nearly lost his life on a high-school football field in the August heat.

“I’m a little bit angry but I’m more sad; I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” said Shynelle Jones.

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Her 13-year-old son Jayden nearly died after suffering heat stroke during football practice on Tuesday

“His body had gone into shock, he started to shut down he had acute damage to his kidneys and liver, and his heart enzymes are very high, like an adult that had a heart attack,” she said.

The young teen was excited to be trying out for freshman football at Lincoln High School in Stockton.

Jayden’s mother says her son told her he asked for a break but was told to hold on.

Jones wonders if the push for excellence outweighs the health risks.

Dr. Brian Davis of the UC Davis Sports Medicine Clinic says he can’t speak specifically to Jayden’s case. However, he becomes concerned when kids exert themselves in the extreme heat wearing heavy gear.

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“The hardest part is that the additional weight is also trapping tons of heat,” Davis said.

Something even professional players have experienced.

“Even with great coaches and we’ve seen it even happened any higher level instances where one of our NFL players had a situation with your injuries,” he said.

Now young Jayden is educating his friends.

“He’s contacted them all and told them to stay hydrated and to take breaks,” Shynelle Jones said.

Jayden will not be returning to football, his road to recovery will take some time.

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His mom just wants parents and coaches to be aware and prevent this from happening again.