By Anser Hassan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento family is rejoicing after their 3-year-old son, Marcus Mejia, was found early Sunday morning.

Emergency crews searched a pond at Land Park Saturday night, thinking the boy may have drowned.

The police activity, including a very loud helicopter above, had many neighbors concerned. A text message from Sacramento police about the missing boy prompted Jennifer Henderson and her husband, Sean Rogers, to act.

“When he heard it was a young boy, we figured they could use all the help they could get,” said Henderson, who went out looking with her dog.

But Rogers noticed that while most of the police activity was happening around the pond, nobody was searching the back end of the park.

“I got to the other side of the park here, and I heard a cry,” said Rogers.

Not knowing if it was the neighbor’s kids or the missing boy, Rogers flagged down police. It turns out, it was Marcus, hiding in the bushes in the front yard of a house, about two blocks from the pond.

It was just after 12 midnight. Rogers says the little boy looked sacred, but was able to identify himself.

“It happened so fast, because, literally, the police had their flash lights and were looking, and they saw him and picked him up, and just walked him back really fast,” explained Rogers. “I don’t know why he was hiding there. Probably (because of) the helicopter. Even for an adult, was a little bit scary. They were really low.”

The boy’s family had been celebrating a baby shower at the park. His aunt, Elizabeth Rochas, says Marcus was following one of the adults at the party. That person didn’t know Marcus was following him, and that’s how Marcus got lost.

The family posted a video on social media after the family was reunited. “Everyone was just so glad. My sister broke down in tears. My brother broke down in tears. Everyone was crying,” said Rochas.

Sacramento police say, based on their initial report, it is unlikely any charges will be filed against the parents.


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