By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California congressman isn’t mincing words as he describes what needs to be done to solve the North Korean crisis.

Rep. John Garamendi recently traveled to South Korea and serves on the House Armed Services Committee.

“We were in a good position just five days ago,” he said.

But he says President Donald Trump’s strong words promising “fire and fury” for North Korea’s ongoing threats were both reckless and troubling.

“He ramped this thing up to a red siren — not good,” he said. “Tamp it down. Mr. President, go play golf, keep your mouth shut, keep your fingers off the Twitter account.”

Garamendi is fresh off a visit to U.S. military members and their families in Seoul, South Korea. He says they’ve lived through threats from Kim Jong Un before, but this brush with bravado feels different.

Garamendi says those families are immediately given what are called “ready bags.”

“You gotta be ready to go to your shelter,” he said. “You gotta be ready to evacuate.”

Despite the escalating fear, Garamendi thinks the crisis could end peacefully, and there are steps the country can take to deal with the North Korean leader.

He believes the answer involves a recognition that there are two Koreas. He says that could lead to a peace treaty, then eventually a drawing down of military might.

For many, that idea seems like a world away.


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