By Kelly Ryan

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — The countdown is on at one local school trying to complete a new building before the new school year.

Vacaville High School is getting two new buildings, including a new English building. It was supposed to be ready when students return to class, but it’s still not done.

For Principal Ed Santopadre, a new school year is always hectic. But the 2017-18 year is setting a new standard, with a large part of his campus construction zone still unfinished.

“There’s construction everywhere, but now that the stairs have arrived for our second story building, I’m a lot less nervous,” he said.

Those stairs haven’t been installed on the English building that’s supposed to be finished by August 25. The portable classrooms the students used to use have already been removed. In fact, the principal destroyed one himself when the construction crew gave him some hands-on experience.

The money for the new English and math buildings came from a $194 million bond for school improvement across the district. The school already has a new parking lot, tennis courts and softball field.

“We’ve got modern technology in the classroom for kids to learn and get a 21st-century education,” he said. “It’s going to be a game changer for our kids and our teachers.”

The math building isn’t expected to be completed until winter break, but teachers are hoping to be in the English building in just a couple of weeks.


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