by Cutter Hicks, Sports 1140 KHTK

Oh LaVar Ball. You went from supporting your son to being the one of the most laughed-at faces in the nation.

He’s practically one of the most quoted personalities right now by stating (and not limited to) the following:

  • He can beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1
  • He and his son, LaMelo, would be Shaq and his son in a 2-on-2 game
  • That his now-NBA drafted son Lonzo Ball is better than all-star Steph Curry
  • His shoes will sell for a whopping $495

Take a look at Saturday Night Live’s recent skit involving Kenan Thompson playing LaVar Ball as he’s being interviewed about his “Big Baller Brand” shoes and clothing line.

Two words: Spot. On.


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