SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Protests erupted and tempers flared at Tuesday night’s city council meeting over picketing concerns.

"Union buster, union buster,” one man yelled and then was escorted out of the building along with several others throughout the night.

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It was a heated debate over the proposed plan to limit picketing to certain hours and places and charge aggressive pan handlers.

"For you to actually consider this I think is appalling," said one woman.

"It will not stop us from standing up from the constitutionally protected to meet their needs to ask for money in a public space," said another.

The city came up with a plan after the police department received several complaints from residents, businesses, and visitors in regards to aggressive behavior.

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But after more than an hour of public comment and a roar from protestors outside the chambers with dozens of protesters, the council was not ready to pass the vote. It was a victory for protestors.

"Free speech is free speech. We should be able to assemble and express freely our opinions wherever and whenever," said Rick Guerrero of Sacramento.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg said there's a major issue however and the city still needs to address it.

"Being compassionate about the homeless does not mean we should tolerate illegal behavior or behavior that is threatening to businesses and residents," he said.

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After eliminating the ordinance to stop picketing and panhandling, the council decided there were too many topics bundled into one and will come back with each issue one at a time.