By Angela Musallam

GALT (CBS13) — It’s a bride’s worst fear—finding out her wedding venue was double booked weeks before the wedding.

It just happened to one bride in Galt.

Kayla Rathjen was supposed to have her wedding at McFarland Ranch, but now she’s scrambling to find another venue.

“How can I have a wedding with no venue?” she said.

Rathjen’s dream wedding is becoming more of a nightmare. Her venue, McFarland Ranch, is hosting its annual classic car show on the very same day the venue agreed to host her wedding.

The classic car show is hosted by the Galt Area Historical Society on the Sunday of September, according to the organization’s website.

A flyer says the show is taking place on Saturday, September 23rd — Kayla’s wedding day.

“This is so sickening, I’m so sick to my stomach over this,” said Kayla.

Kayla says she found out through a Facebook post and immediately called the event coordinator.

“Originally, they said they would move the car show to another site on the premises,” Kayla said.

Kayla says the coordinator went back on her word and instead, offered to move her wedding to a smaller part of the ranch.

“She had no sympathy; I already have my invitations sent out, my RSVP’s coming in, I can’t just call people and say ‘Sorry you can’t come to my wedding anymore because my venue can’t accommodate,'” Kayla added.

Kayla got engaged to her fiancé in 2015, and she booked her wedding at McFarland Ranch.

Kayla says the ranch holds special meaning to her family.
It’s where she did her maternity photo shoot, and where her family likes to spend time during the summer.

“This is once in a lifetime and for them to choose a car show over my once in a lifetime is ridiculous,” said Kayla.

CBS 13 reached out to the president of the historical society who says she doesn’t know why the ranch was double booked.

With just five weeks left until the big day, Kayla is holding on by a thread and hoping she’ll actually have a wedding.

“I’m just looking for a miracle right now, and anywhere that’s available for Sept. 23.”

The president of the historical society tells CBS13 she’s working to resolve the issue personally with Kayla.

She says Kayla won’t pay if she moves her wedding venue.
CBS13 also reached out to the event coordinator, but she did not respond.


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