ELK GROVE (CBS13) — There’s outrage over a Snapchat video taken by an upset student at Elk Grove High.

The video shows another student carrying a backpack with a patch of the Confederate flag.

A local mom is now calling on the district to be more vigilant in enforcing school policies.

“I’m not surprised, unfortunately; it’s just sad, and it’s another reminder of America’s ugly past,” said Sonia Lewis.

Lewis was outraged after her son showed her the video, which was taken by his friend at Elk Grove High.

The video shows a student on campus carrying a backpack with a patch of the Confederate flag.

“I’m a history teacher, so when the North and South were fighting, it was a flag to unite the Southern states under the auspice of slavery,” Lewis added.

Lewis says she called the Elk Grove Unified School District to report the video and says she was told the student in question may not be part of their district.

But the district confirmed to CBS13 that the student does attend Elk Grove High.

CBS13 spoke to the district on Wednesday and asked about its school policies and restrictions.

“Should the site administration predict that there will be a disruption on campus due to some kind of dress code violation, then they will act accordingly,” said district spokeswoman Xanthi Pinkerton.

She says if there’s no issue with what a student is wearing at school, there’s usually no action taken against them.

“As far as I know, there has been no disruption on campus,” Pinkerton said.

Sacramento City Unified School District has the same policy. Administrators there say as long as there’s no disruption in the classroom or among students, there’s nothing the school can do.

With recent events like the rally that turned violent in Charlottesville, a spokesman for Sac City Unified is weighing in.

“If we saw something like that in our school district we would definitely use all the authority we have to address that issue,” said Alex Barrios.

Lewis says that’s not enough.

She says the line between hate speech and hate crimes is blurred, and she wants school districts like Elk Grove Unified to establish boundaries before things get out of hand.

“My goal and my wish for the future is for my kid’s kids to not have to deal with this kind of stuff,” Lewis concluded.

According to Elk Grove Unified, students involved in the Snapchat video were all spoken, to and the district wouldn’t say if any action was taken against the student with the Confederate flag.

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  1. Sonia, the public schools produce very little besides teacher pension debt, dropouts, and gang members, and you’re worried about a little patch on someone’s backpack?
    ha, ha, ha..give me a break!

    Some people need to grow up, and stop going loco at every little thing that offends them.
    This State has a WHOLE MESS OF PROBLEMS, mainly caused by democrats and illegal aliens.

    Confederate flags rank very low on most people’s priority list.

  2. Oh noooooo! Someone was upset. We can’t have that! This is beyond ridiculous.

  3. Oh my some poor pussified person is offended and feeling pain. The poor person is suffering and may need special treatment after seeing a flag patch. Maybe we should start a fund for teddy bears and comfort blankets so those folks can recline and suck their thumbs

  4. James Graves says:

    Once upon a time i had some knucklehead come up to me and object to the cover of a history book I was reading on the Civil War. It too had a image of the Battle Flag. I told him where to stick it. If that woman actually does teach history she is not very good at it. The Battle Flag was not the flag of the Confederate government it was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (the square version) and the Army of Tennessee (the rectangular version) and was originally a Naval Jack. That it has been used by the KKK and Skinheads means nothing. The Hell’s Angels also liked to use it and it is common at NASCAR events. KKK and Skinheads also use the cross symbol and the American flag. She just wants to be offended.

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