By Angela Greenwood

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — An elderly couple was rescued moments before a train plows into their car  in Fairfield. The terrifying scene unfolded Wednesday night near Travis Air Force Base, along a stretch of tracks that authorities say has had issues before.

A massive fireball engulfed the car in Fairfield after it was crushed by a cargo train at the intersection of Vanden and Cannon roads.

Fairfield Fire Capt. Jessica Fleshman said, “The conductor stated that once the vehicle made an impact with the train, it went up in the air and a big ball of flames.”

If wasn’t for a couple of good samaritans, an elderly couple would likely have been inside when it happened.

“The vehicle was actually on one of the sets of tracks,” said Fleshman.

Chunks of metal are now scattered along the railroad tracks near the intersection. Authorities say an elderly man who was driving with his wife, mistook the train tracks for the roadway while turning and got stuck. Thankfully, two young females were nearby and rescued the couple, just moments before the train came.

“Believe it or not, we do have a lot of good people out there that are willing to step in,” said Fleshman.

This isn’t the first time a train has collided with a car on this stretch of tracks. A wooden cross now stands in the area following at least one deadly crash there.

Fleshman said, “We get calls quite often in that area.”

Fleshman said it’s a dangerous road leading into the crossing that can be confusing for drivers, especially in the dark.

“There’s a lot of metal plates in the road. There’s a lot of turns in that area.”

Two people stuck on train tracks are alive, thanks to two strangers that stepped in to help.

Authorities have not released the name of the couple inside that car or the good Samaritans.


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