The wound still hurts, man

So last week it was announced with some fanfare that the 2002 Sacramento Kings team would be featured in the newest edition of NBA 2K, the popular video game amongst millennials and old people and everything in between. That’s right, we get to see video C-Webb, Peja, even video Hedo go at it with the rest of the NBA. Kind of a cool achievement, considering they never won an NBA title. Shows the type of respect and love that team engenders 15 years later.

I made a comment on twitter when the news hit, asking if there would also be a video ref crew that would steal Game 6 from them. Haha and lolz, but someone at some point asked why I was still salty, why I wasn’t over it yet.

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Its like being dumped by your first love. There are two, and ONLY two ways to get over it: die, or find a new love. That’s it. You can work out, diet, take hot yoga, have fling after fling, but until you find a new love to fill that hole in your heart, it ain’t happening.

So yeah, I’m still salty. And so are more than a few of my friends as well. Since we got dumped by a pack of inept referees, and the subsequent absent-minded walkthrough atrocity that served as Game 7, we’ve had:

Webber’s injury

Quincy Douby

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Isaiah being traded

An entire class of Hall of Famers drafted AFTER our picks

So yeah, we haven’t exactly found the new hot POA and fallen in love. What we HAVE done is gone on numerous dates with jobless losers who get us excited and then leave us with the dinner bill.

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So at least we will be able to play our video-ex in a game. Maybe in the cyber-world, we can do the screwing, instead of the other way around…..