SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento city council member is asking for a proposal that would put homeless to work paying them as day laborers to clean up the city.

It’s an idea similar to a proposal floated last year, but the city says this one is new and improved. This plan sounds exactly the same as one talked about exactly a year ago.

City leaders say that while the plan involves the same idea, it will be different. District 5 Councilman Jay Schenirer has asked city staff to come back with a proposal that would put area homeless to work.

Under the proposal, a city van would pick up those interested and pay them for jobs like cleaning up trash or getting rid of graffiti.

A similar idea was proposed last year based on a successful program in Albuquerque. City leaders say this plan would be similar, but the local program would be expanded and provide those working with storage lockers for their belongings.

“There was some effort to try to do something similar but we’re talking about something I think is more large-scale. We really want to make this part of how we serve this population,” he said.

The council will consider the proposal in two weeks.


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