By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Labor Day marks the end of the season for all Sacramento city pools — and as they close, a new report is showing them in need of millions of dollars in safety enhancements.

Sacramento's public pools have made a big splash during this summer's heatwave and attendance is on the rise, growing by 27,000 people in just two years.

But a new 146-page report shows the city's 17 pools need millions of dollars in maintenance and safety improvements.

The water is too shallow below the one-meter diving boards at both the Southside and Clunie pools according to the report.

It says the one at Southside park should be removed.

Other deficiencies include: cracking pool decks, sloping floors, and emergency exits that are not code compliant.

Total costs are estimated to be more than $17 million.

The report says more revenue could be earned by adding additional amenities such as inflatable obstacle courses, aquatic climbing walls and floating hamster balls.  Even cabanas are being considered.

But the idea is being met with mixed reviews.

Sacramento’s Parks and Recreation Commission will get an update on the issues at its meeting this Thursday and recommendations will be forwarded to the city council.



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