By Shirin Rajaee

NATOMAS (CBS13) — The decision to end a program geared toward the children of immigrants has prompted protests around the country and heightened fear among the undocumented community.

The Mexican Consulate in Sacramento held a workshop to help ease those fears Wednesday night in Natomas a day after the Trump administration proposed sunsetting provisions in the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program.

Since Tuesday’s announcement, the consulate has been inundated with calls and concerns- and the workshop was about providing some answers.

“The immediate priority is to provide legal advice as to what the process means,” said Liliana Ferrer, Consul General of Mexico in Sacramento.

The Mexican Consulate hosted the free forum along with attorneys from the CA Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

“This community of dreamers contribute significantly to U.S. society, to culture, and the economy of this country and we feel it is our moral duty to help them in any way we can,” said Consul General Ferrer.

DACA recipient Yoselin Gudino worries about the renewal of her DACA application and the impact it could have on her family.

“I was just concerned about my son because he’s five and what would happen if I do get deported or something happens. What are we gonna do?” said Guidino.

Lawyers offered free legal advice and one on one consultations, and say the government will continue to take renewal applications until Oct. 5 but only for people whose application expires between Sept. 5 and March 5 of next year.

“Until the expiration date on the work permit you do have the right to work, and your employer does not have the right to ask about your work authorization or about your immigration status,” said immigration attorney Marcus Tang.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Consulate wants dreamers to contact its office directly to avoid scams and false information as they continue the fight to protect DACA.

“We will pursue it in a much more active and intense way,” said Ferrer. “We are approaching the executive and legislative branch at the Federal level but also at the state level and talking to them about the solutions that need to come about in the next few months.”

The Mexican Consulate offers a 24-7 phone number, an app, and a website where dreamers can find information about the next free workshop. They’re also offering financial assistance for Daca beneficiaries when it comes to applications on a case by case basis.

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Comments (3)
  1. re: ““Until the expiration date on the work permit you do have the right to work, and your employer does not have the right to ask about your work authorization or about your immigration status,” said immigration attorney Marcus Tang.”

    WRONG. If your employer asks you for proof of authorization to work in the U.S., you MUST provide it.
    Your employer will not take your word for it, if you just scream, “I’m a DACA, so you can’t hurt me and I don’t have to provide any proof.”
    Federal law requires you to provide it, typically an I-9 form plus your USCIS-issued legal presence docoument for legal immigrants.

    I wouldn’t take any legal advice from this Marcus Tang, since he doesn’t even understand very basic and simple things such as an I-9 form.

  2. Realistically, the DACA people are not high-priority for deportation. I.C.E. will target other illegals for removal.

    Advice for DACA’s:
    1. Behave yourself. Avoid getting arrested, ticketed. That means avoiding any rally that could turn into a riot. Or going over the speed limit or drunk driving. Any criminal record would be grounds for deportation.

    2. Stay away from “regular” illegal aliens. Especially illegals with police records. I.C.E. will deport DACA, if the DACA is caught with other illegals during a raid.

    3. Don’t worry about jobs. California has a huge underground economy, with plenty of small business owners who routinely evade taxes and hire without a valid social security number. The work may not be as pleasant as a white-collar office job. But if you’re paid under the table, you won’t have to worry about taxes. It’s really a wash…lower pay but no taxes withheld.

  3. DACA would have been killed anyway, once the lawsuit threatened by the 10 red states reached the courts. DACA has been clearly unconstitutional from the start…it simply had no legal ground to stand on. Obama really was breaking existing law and creating his own law.

    And even if it did survive the appeals court, the Supreme Court would have shot it down.

    So whether Trump killed it, with a 6 month delay, or the courts destroy it a year from now…does it really matter? DACA was guaranteed to die, sooner or later, once Trump was elected.

    The DACA community needs to face up to reality and deal with it.
    Crying over spilled milk, or worse, filing counter-suits that have NO HOPE of succeeding, is just plain dumb.

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