by Cutter Hicks, Sports 1140 KHTK

If you’re a Cal Golden Bears fan in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, the one thing you’ll say to a fellow fan is “go Bears!”

It’s tradition for the school that opened its doors in 1868.

So when the Chicago Bears claimed the #GoBears hashtag on Twitter, which results in the NFL team’s classic “C” logo when typed, Cal’s Athletic Department became confused. That’s not their logo…

Apparently, even Cal fans are fighting for Twitter to change it back. Or, at least, give the Chicago Bears emblem a different hashtag.

Good news though. Apparently that matter is being looked into.

As of Friday, September 8, the hashtag is still being “owned” by the Chicago Bears team.

Either way, Cal fans will definitely “tell the whole d*** world this is Bear territory.”


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