By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man is recovering after he was shot and robbed in his own driveway as he was getting out of his car.

It's the fifth attack of its kind in the past week.

The suspects have hit these five victims, all within 15 miles of each other, all in Sacramento and Elk Grove, all in the victim's driveways. In all but one case, a gun has been used.

The latest attack was on Deer Run Way in Sacramento Thursday night.

"I'm very sorry that that family has experienced that," neighbor Angel Watson said.

Police say a man was assaulted by several armed suspects as he got out of his car in his driveway, and was grazed by a bullet when one suspect's gun went off.

They took off with his valuables.

"That's kind of spooky," Watson said.

The driveway attack follows four others just like it in Elk Grove since Aug. 29. The Elk Grove driveway robberies and assaults were on Miko Circle, Port Pacific Lane, Andretti Way, and Apple Mill Drive.

Despite being split by city boundaries, they are all close in proximity.

Neither Sacramento nor Elk Grove's police departments are saying whether they believe the crimes are connected.

"It's very scary," Walter Gounder said.

He lives down the street from Thursday's driveway assault and says he's put up surveillance cameras in recent years around the perimeter of his home to help deter criminals from targeting him.

Sacramento police recommend keeping outside house lights on at night, pulling vehicles into a garage if possible, and avoiding driving with large amounts of cash.

"Maybe it could be the same person or maybe a group of individuals that know each other," Watson said.

Elk Grove police made two arrests in one of the assaults last week, but they are not releasing mug shots, citing an ongoing investigation.


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