What is the value of beating up a 72-year old man? We’ll soon find out as Kevin Owens headbutted the s**t out of Vince McMahon and proceeded to beat the hell out of him. Before we talk about what this may mean for Kevin Owens moving forward, I have a few questions…

Why didn’t anyone on the roster come to save Vince McMahon? I mean, after the head butt, shouldn’t have Sami Zayn have run out? Or The New Day? Or anyone? Instead of Tom Phillips screaming, “Someone stop this”, shouldn’t he have, ya know, tried to stop it?
Stephanie. Really? Stephanie just kinda strolled to ringside as if watching your father get attacked was no big deal.
What was Vince yelling at him before the headbutt? I imagine, “Lay it in, Pal. Knock the absolutely #*^! out of me.”
Can we not encourage Shane to jump off stuff this time.

Even the Hulkster loved this.

I love the idea of Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Shane is a great talent in the ring when he’s in the ring with other great talents (see Wrestlemania vs AJ Styles). Kevin Owens is a great talent. You could argue, the totality of KO as a WWE superstar is as good as any in the company.

So, what is the value of beating up a 72 year old Vince McMahon? I believe this angle, and this match, has legitimate interest. Think about how this can come full circle. Remember when Kevin Owens won the Universal Championship? That night Triple H came to the ring and literally, and figuratively, handed KO the title. So Kevin Owens takes out Vince McMahon. Lets say he brutalizes Shane McMahon in the Hell in a Cell. Stephanie gets back and involved and BOOM… “It’s time to play The Game.” A now babyface Triple H returns to defend his familiars honor. What happens from there, I don’t know, but, it keeps Kevin Owens out of the nearly invisible WWE Championship picture that has been so greatly harmed by Jinder Mahal’s tired America Hates Me act. It gives Shinsuka Nakumara time to win and establish that title as something meaningful and if KO is occupied with Triple H at Wrestlemania that allows AJ Styles and Nakumara to battle over the championship with Kevin Owens waiting in the wings.


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