By Angela Greenwood

MERCED (CBS13) — A typically roaring Friday night in the football stands, turned silent as the stadium honored the life of a player who was supposed to be on the field.

Cameron Allison, a senior at Lincoln High School in Stockton, was killed in a car crash on Friday afternoon on Pacific Avenue. Police say a drunk driver hit the car he was riding in.

Tom Nelson, father of Allison’s teammate, said, “It’s been hard. It’s been rough.”

One student at Friday night’s game says Cameron was like her brother.

Alina Mendoza said, “I never thought it could be him and it’s crazy because I just saw him.”

Friends tell CBS13 the senior was on his way to suit up for Friday’s game in Merced when the crash happened. The team debated canceling the game altogether, but then decided it must go on, in honor of their fallen friend.

Nelson said, “They’re pulling it together for him. You see them looking up at the sky a lot.”

Even with heavy hearts and while playing through tragedy, Lincoln High School beat Golden Valley High 45-14.

The driver of the car Allison was riding in was taken to the hospital.

Authorities say the alleged drunk driver is 31-year-old Anthony Calderon who is now in custody.


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