By Kelly Ryan

GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — Some homeowners in a Granite Bay neighborhood are fuming over a letter sent out by the homeowners association that they say goes too far.

The letter discourages children playing outdoors on neighborhood streets and even suggests parents take their kids to a nearby park.

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After just two months in their new home the Peters family received a letter from the homeowners association saying children playing in streets and neighboring yards is a violation.

“Honestly we were a little put out, real upset to the fact we didn’t feel welcome in our neighborhood,” says Jed Peters, while keeping a close eye on his three-year-old riding a bike across the street in the quiet neighborhood.

“We also got a handwritten note from our association manager that states, perhaps we should have the children play in the backyard or at the park.”

Peters says he’s not against association rules keeping the neighborhood looking sharp, but he thinks this goes too far and he posted the letter on social media.

“We had over 75 positive responses from our neighbors. They said we want kids out front, not playing video games.”

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Neighbor Stacey Degner says her kids play out on the streets on a regular basis. “We were baffled by it, seriously this is really happening?”

A board member who didn’t want to be identified told CBS13 there are no rules against children playing in the street but that it’s a speed and safety issue and that the cones the family puts out to alert drivers are not allowed. She did concede that “the letter wasn’t worded correctly.”

The Peters family says they don’t think the rules outlined in the letter represent the feelings of most residents who live in Hidden Lakes Estates, a place they believe is a mostly kid-friendly community.

Suzanne Peters sums up her thoughts on the recent neighborhood trouble:

“I think this neighborhood is wonderful, I think there’s maybe one bad apple that got a little cranky and didn’t want to see the kids out.”

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There is a board meeting Thursday night at the Granite Bay library where this issue will be discussed and residents say they expect a big crowd.