SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Oak Park neighborhood will be the third in Sacramento to get a gunfire detection system.

Julie Debbs says she’s tired of the violence in the neighborhood. The life-long Oak Park resident says she often hears the sound of gunfire.

“We’re used to it a little bit, but we don’t want to get used to nothing like that,” she said. “Innocent people are dying.”

This summer, community members mobilized with marches and rallies against crime after several recent shootings and murders in the neighborhood.

“We have a lot of young people who are fearful,” said community activist Berry Accius.

Now, Oak Park is the latest Sacramento neighborhood to get the Shotspotter gunfire detection system. The technology uses a network of outdoor microphones to pinpoint and map the sound of gunshots, then instantly notify officers.

“We want to get this technology where it will be most useful for the most people, and in this particular instance, Oak Park appears to be right now the place that we can be most useful,” said Eddie Macauley with the Sacramento Police Department.

The department started a trial program in 2015 in the north area, then expanded it to the south area later this year. So far, officers have responded to nearly 2,000 activations, making nearly 90 arrested and seizing 90 guns.

“We look at those numbers, and it’s hard to argue it’s not successful,” he said.

The hope is to use modern technology to reduce a problem that’s gone on far too long.

“I’m for it, yes,” Debbs said, “but don’t just put it in this neighborhood—put it all over.”

Sacramento County is also helping pay for the system since part of the neighborhood are outside of city limits.

The total cost the network is estimated at $900,000.


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