No one can draw emotion like the Nature Boy!!!!

Thankfully, the health scare he went through the last few months seems to be just that, a scare, and we’re not dealing with the emotion of losing one of the greatest professional wrestlers we’ve ever known.

Ric has co-authored a book with his daughter Charlotte, Second Nature, and is currently making the media rounds discussing the book and his recent near death experience.

“Between 3,700 and 4,000 calories worth of booze — soda or a splash of cranberry — every day. Like 20 drinks a day,” he told USA Today, describing his years of drinking habits that led to his sudden and serious health scare.

“They told my kids that everything had shut down — kidney failure, congestive heart failure, everything shut down,” Flair said.

Like the Nature Boy’s greatest matches, he made the comeback and is back styling and profiling. Undoubtably he’s going to return to TV sometime soon. He’s gonna be overcome with emotion. We’ll be overcome with emotion. He’ll cry. We’ll cry. Here’s Ric Flair’s most emotional moments in the ring.

“I’m sorry… I love you”

Saying goodbye…

The last night of WCW…

The 4 Horsemen reunite…

With a tear in my eye…



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