By Carlos Correa

WATERFORD (CBS13) — A family-run business in Stanislaus County remains closed after a group of men crashed a stolen pickup truck into their storefront.

The convenience store is located on Yosemite Boulevard in Waterford. Owners say the suspects were attempting to steal an ATM, but the sound of a security alarm scared them away.

It was an early morning wake-up call owner Raman Shahi didn’t expect to receive.

“They didn’t give me details. I thought it was just a broken window,” he said.

But when he pulled up to his store’s parking lot he found this: a hole in his building with bricks and shattered glass everywhere.

“It was a 4:13 a.m. This morning, we had a white pickup. It drove the front of the building over here, and it seemed like they were after the ATM machine because they had a chain in the back of the pickup as well,” said Shahi.

Surveillance video shows the attempted robbery from different angles. At least two people are seeing getting into a white pickup truck and then driving it into the store.

“All of our gas stuff, our lottery, our ATM, all of our machines, everything, electrical stuff is down due to the break-in,” he said.

Once the store’s security system went off, the suspects took off.

The pickup truck is owned by Bill York who has video of the same group of people at his nearby business.

“They just came onto the property and stole the vehicle. We looked at our video cameras this morning and time stamp on camera was about 2:30 a.m.,” said York, who owns Rolling Hills Nut Company.

The Waterford Market will remain closed until owners can repair the damage.

“It’s kind of crazy, I didn’t think we would ever get the truck back and judging from this I didn’t think the truck was going to be in working order,” said York.

No arrests have been made, but if you have any information about the attempted burglary, you are asked to call the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Office.


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