By Jason Ross

Three weeks have been played in the NFL so far and it is time for another unofficial ranking system.  I give you my weekly top 5 and bottom 5 teams in the NFL.  So here goes:


28.  LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: This team always seems to invent ways to lose.  They usually play well enough to win and then they fall short at the games most critical moment.  They didn’t have the heart breaking loss this week to Kansas City but they still are winless.  This team needs Rivers to be great to give them a chance each week.

29.  NEW YORK GIANTS:  How did this team make the playoffs last year?  A healthy OBJ makes a difference but this team was on the verge of getting shutout this last week and then their offense woke up.  They lost in difficult fashion but their O-line continues to struggle and at 0-3 they aren’t buried but they are in trouble.

30.  CINCINNATI BENGALS:  They finally scored a touchdown and nearly won at Lambeau.  They looked much better this week but they still don’t have a win to show for it.  This team has some talent but they keep losing.

31.  SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS:  Talk about showing heart, that is exactly what the Niners did this week.  On Thursday they found their offense but couldn’t find a win.  The defense let them down while the offense found its groove.  0-3 doesn’t feel good but they knew this year might be tough.

32.  CLEVELAND BROWNS:  I really thought the Browns were going to win this week.  So did Las Vegas as they installed them as a favorite on the road against the Colts.  The Browns fell short and are staring at another winless start.



5.   PHILADELPHIA EAGLES:  This part has been tough to decide between a bunch of 1 loss teams.  Philadelphia’s only loss came against a good undefeated team on the road.  This team found a way to stabilize this week when the Giants hit them with quick scores.  The Eagles have good balance and mojo right now.

4.  DETROIT LIONS:  The Lions have quickly become must watch TV.  Drama, drama, drama.  They had that again on Sunday and were literally inches and seconds away from being 3-0.  This team may not stay up here long but I have to give them their props for now.

3.  NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS:  The Pats get back in because of respect more than for performance.  This team was talked about going undefeated this season but so far they are 2-1 but should have 2 losses.  New England is talented and dodged a bullet this week.  A few more scares like that and they will drop on this list.

2.  ATLANTA FALCONS:  The Falcons are still 3-0 and are so close to being 1-2.  That is the way of the NFL though, find ways to win and Atlanta has done that.  MVP Matt Ryan was not strong this last week and they still won which should be encouraging for the Falcons.

1. Kansas City Chiefs:  This team stays on top after another win.  They have looked the part of the best team in the league with 3 good wins.  KC has team speed and Alex Smith playing well and now the rest of the league is playing catch up with Kansas City.


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