By Valerie Heimerich

Coffee lovers in the Sacramento region have many choices to tempt their taste buds, no matter their mood or the temperature outside. Rain or shine, these are some of the best options for iced coffee in the area.

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The Naked Lounge Coffee House
1500 Q St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 442-0174

The original Naked Coffee has been a Midtown staple for 15 years and remains a very popular spot; two other Naked shops have since opened on Broadway and on H Street downtown. Almost any hot drink on the menu can be served cold, and Naked also offers traditional iced coffee and cold brew. Favorites include a sublime mocha Thai, made with Ghirardelli and Ibarra chocolates, espresso and a splash of condensed milk, served over ice under a whipped cream canopy. Those seeking an amplification of their caffeination will love the Kerouac, a chilled concoction including cream, condensed milk and four shots of espresso, or an iced Keith Richards or Hammerhead.

Tiferet Coffee House
3020 H St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 321-9321

Tiferet has only be open for a few years but has developed a keen and devoted fan base. All of the coffee drinks, including americanos, mochas and cafes au lait, can be made hot or iced at the customer’s request. The cozy café across from McKinley Park is owned and operated by two outgoing sisters, who create a remarkably friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Patrons enjoy the neighborly vibe; Tiferet is a little less hipster and little more “Cheers”. Enjoy an iced espresso with a tasty pastry from Estelle Bakery & Pâtisserie, a smoked salmon sandwich, ham and cheese croissant or other savory treats. Tiferet now has a second location in the Sacramento City Hall.

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Identity Coffees
1430 28th St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 225-0738

This Midtown coffee café will make an iced version of any drink on the menu; the iced mocha at Identity gets particularly high marks for the rich, chocolate flavor. In addition to espresso, latte, macchiato and plain coffee, there are always a number of specialty drinks available that will definitely please the palate. Identity is one of the few places in central Sacramento to offer cascara, a refreshing drink that has less caffeine and more antioxidants than the average cup of joe. Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside the cascara fruit, which grows on a coffee plant. The pulp and skin of the fruit is dried and brewed like tea, given a bit of carbonation and put on tap to be served. The result is a sparkling cold coffee drink that is unique and thirst-quenching. Identity also serves pastries Conscious Creamery small-batch dairy-free gelato, made with fresh local ingredients.

18 Grams Coffee & Tea
9677 E. Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 895-2672

The iced options at 18 Grams are extensive, with favorites such as cold straight Vietnamese or hazelnut Vietnamese coffees, sea salt cream iced coffee and an affogato made with Gunther’s ice cream and a double shot of espresso. 8 Grams uses locally roasted coffee beans to create it’s tempting drinks, including the high-octane 18 to the Brain, an icy mixture of sweetened condensed milks and four shots of espresso.

Temple Coffee
2200 K St.
Sacramento CA 95816
(916) 662-7625

The popular Temple Coffee on K makes a tempting Mexican iced mocha with beans from the Temple roastery and most of the other drinks can be served over ice as well. Each of the four Sacramento locations include iced coffee and cold brew on the menu. Temple currently offers an un-cut Nitro cold brew; the on-trend Nitro recipe infuses strong cold brewed coffee with nitrogen, creating a creamy, fizzy and foaming drink.

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