By Steve Large

MODESTO (CBS13) — A medical scare at a Modesto High School led first responders to call for an air ambulance to land on campus.

A student collapsed. It turned out she ate powerful pot brownies, and she wasn’t the only one.

“I’m just baffled that marijuana brownies were at school,” Elizabeth North said.

The kids got high inside Modesto’s Davis High School hallways. The potent pot brownies classmates ate during lunch left one student practically paralyzed.

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“As far as that part of it goes, stay in the books, stay off the drugs,” parent Eric Reid said.

They were symptoms so serious paramedics first called for a helicopter ambulance, landing on the practice field during the school day.

The student-turned-patient was eventually driven by ground ambulance to a nearby hospital.

“Drugs at school…that’s a serious thing always,” Reid said.

Now, the Modesto City School District is investigating who brought the brownies to school, and how many students ate them.

“We’re still talking to a variety of students and staff members to piece the day’s events together,” Modesto City School District’s Becky Fortuna said.

A recorded phone message from the school district went out to parents on Tuesday saying: “administration confirmed that some students consumed marijuana baked goods while on campus.”

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Despite the new California laws on recreational marijuana for adults, Modesto city school policy strictly prohibits any intoxication on campus.

“I can tell you that our staff works very hard to keep students safe,” Fortuna said. Our staff received training on symptoms to look for students who have been participating in any illegal activity.”

How many students were stoned at school?

“We know that its a number of students,” Fortuna said. “More than one student; the investigation is still ongoing.

The Modesto School District says the one student who was taken by ambulance was released from the hospital and is OK.

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  1. Osama Bedead says:

    What am I missing here? Isn’t this what the liberals want? The children were just “recreating”.

    1. Paul Tibbets says:

      How many young people die from alcohol poisoning every year?

      About 2,000 people die each year due to alcohol poisoning, 62k total alcohol related deaths per year.

      And thank goodness it was strong pot and not K2 or some other synthetic weed out of China, that girl and the others involved would be “practically paralyzed” ie stoned out of their gourd. If it was synthetic they could be truly paralyzed.

      1. Sam Wise says:

        Some call it paralyzed, but the rest of us call it “stoned”. Big deal. Its the healthiest thing one can consume these days for protection from toxins placed in our air, food, and water by governments. In fact, the US Dept of Health thinks marijuana is so good for us, they patented medical use of marijuana, Pat. No. 6630507, uspto dot g ov. The fed govt patent says pot is a neuroprotectant and antioxidant, like vitamin C. So while the hypocrites and criminals in US govt arrest people for using medical marijuana, they have a patent for medical uses.
        And still there is no Amendment to Constitution (law) giving feds power to make any drug illegal, this includes pot. If they needed one for alcohol, they need Amendments for all drugs.
        Taxpayers are paying to put people in jail for something proven to be healthy. And no need to smoke it, use a vaporizer.
        whatistaxed c om

  2. Unfortunate but in a paradoxical way shows once again that marijuana even when over used still causes no real damage ……

  3. Seems to be a bit of an overreaction 🙁

  4. David Coker says:

    Why do we never hear about how often children steal their parents prescriptions and wind up dead or in the hospital? Big Pharma is in cahoots with the same wicked oligarchs that control everything else. They want to control all of us. They want to control what we see and hear. They want to control what we eat and drink. They want to control what we think. This article begins with a lie. “Paralyzed” What a bunch of BS.

  5. Liberalism Run-a-muck – AGAIN
    What did they expect with the legalization?


  6. Jeffrey Gee says:

    What a bunch of wussies. Try dropping some acid and have a bad trip, then get back to me!

  7. Morey Ladini says:

    Lessee…recreationally legalized substance + kid’s favorite treat + public school and they act surprised?

  8. Gee, we’re not seeing warning labels on pot are we? And why is that…because liberals want it and if they want it anything goes.

  9. Jimmy Limo says:

    Let’s see… The kids are still alive ? Check… No one’s maimed or paralyzed ? Check… The student ate way too much pot… If she drank way too much alcohol or prescription opioids she could be dead. ALCOHOL is the #1 cause of accidental teen death and is the #1 date rape drug. Get over it….

    1. And here come the pot heads “nothing to see here, move along”

  10. Pot is all fun and games until someone gets hurt…

  11. Doug Day says:

    Leftwingers are preternaturally stupid.

  12. Skip Sanders says:

    So no one was actually paralyzed, even temporarily, and all the kids were ok once they came down from the pot brownies they ate…basically an over reaction by all involved including this new station/website and it’s writer. Or in other words…”fake news”.

    1. gavinwca says:

      So the libs cn enjoy their pot, our school have to be drug rehabilitation centers. What else do you expect in a drug loving environment

  13. Steve Miniea says:

    yeah – like I’m sure that’s the 1st time kids ate pot brownies at Modesto High School .. lmfao ..

  14. They are NOT paralyzed they were just stoned like mad. Once they have had time to absorb all this they will wish they could do it again while chilling at home with a pizza and netflix.

  15. In addition to that just try that when you’re a loser in your early 20s and your roommates are constantly messing with your mind. What a horrifying experience for me. They played the fake nuke attack prank on me. I was in a fetal position crying the whole time.

  16. Dave Fay says:

    What a bunch of snowflakes. Even very potent pot brownies are very, very mild compared to the drugs we were doing at my high school back in the mid 70’s.

  17. The home economics syllabus will need to be updated with a recipe for pot brownies so the kiddies will know how much they should use.

  18. Put the kid on a couch set him up with some good tunes and call me in the morning.

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