By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A job fair to help the homeless find jobs in Sacramento goes much further than that.

The skyrocketing number of homeless in Sacramento has become a hot-button issue, with many frustrated by the problem or searching for ways to help.

Hadarie Burrell came to the Hire Up event put on by Volunteers of American (VOA) designed to connect the homeless directly with employers.

“Hopefully they’ll give me a shot,” Burrell said.

The fair matches the formerly homeless, veterans, and young people who have aged out of the foster care system with employers such as Motel 6 and Jiffy Lube.

The job seekers have been participating in programs offered by VOA, some living in transitional housing while others get counseling for mental health or drug issues before going through job training and placement. About 20 people a month go through the program and go back into the community with jobs.

There are success stories such as Jacque Nicks, who is now a sous chef. She says not long ago, she was a drug addict who didn’t know where or how to ask for help. She got connected with the VOA program, went to a job fair like the one on Tuesday, and is studying to be a counselor.

“So I can help future generations like me,” she said.

The next fair will happen in March, but you don’t need to go to one to get connected. If you’re interested in the program or know someone, head to this site and get connected with the program.

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