By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California Highway Patrol dash cam video shows the final 24 seconds of former Sacramento State student Daniel Shaham’s life.

As Shaham slowly gets out of his car, CHP officer Paul Shadwell draws his gun. Shaham, facing the officer, closes his door, and shuffles towards the back end of the vehicle. His right hand appears to be grasping something. Then the deadly gunshots.

Shaham falls to the ground, his body laying by the car is blurred in this video.

Twenty minutes into the video clip, officers perform CPR on Shaham. Thirty-five minutes after the shooting, Shaham’s body is covered up.

“I think it’s a really shocking a sickening exhibit of unjustified and deadly force,” Shaham’s family attorney Michael Haddad said.

The Siskiyou County District Attorney investigating said Shaham was holding a knife when the officer shot him.

The former Sacramento State student was diagnosed with a mental illness called Schizoaffective disorder

The CHP was initially called to Shaham’s vehicle by motorists concerned he was possibly attempting to jump off an overpass on Interstate 5 near Yreka.

The Siskiyou DA determined the shooting was justified in a report reading, in part:

“Regardless of his intention, Shaham advanced on officer Shadwell with a deadly weapon — leaving his own vehicle to do so — and achieving a position from which he could launch an imminent, deadly attack.”

  1. Rob Kwaitk says:

    This is shameful, i really didn’t know the true meaning of this phrase until now,” bringing a knife to a gun fight.” After viewing this here video, i believe the officer was Wrong & very unprofessional in his handling of this situation. I also believe the officer is feeling very bad & very sorry but it’s too late. I urge retraining of all officers in the proper method & ways to deal with the public citizenry.

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