By Shirin Rajaee

LAS VEGAS (CBS13) — Las Vegas’s mass shooting puts many at risk for post-traumatic stress. The psychological fallout is already being felt by survivors struggling to get the horrific images and sounds of gunfire out of their minds.

“Our friend lives here and we stayed at her house cause we were originally staying at the Mandalay Bay on the 34th floor,” said concertgoer Kelly Marrone.

Scott and Kelly Marrone of Los Angeles lived through the terror of Sunday night’s tragic rampage but say they just couldn’t continue their stay at the Mandalay Bay.

Their room was 2 floors above from where gunman Stephen Paddack opened fire, and any noise they heard took them right back.

“We wish we didn’t hear the shots on the TV replays, the sound, it’s difficult, we can’t sleep, we haven’t slept,” said Scott.

While many were fortunate enough to escape injury, overcoming the emotional trauma may be just as tough as recovering from physical injuries.

On Monday, the Marrone’s came to pay their respects, leaving flowers at the site of a memorial that was growing in the middle of an active crime scene in front of the hotel.

The couple knew 9 people among their friends and family who lost their lives. And they continue to pray.

“We just pray our friend pulls through, our other friends son didn’t make it,” said Kelly clearly shaken.

The Marrones say the post-traumatic stress they feel is troubling.

“Every sound every noise, it’s hard.”

They say they are praying for other families and the larger community around the world who will also be impacted by the horrific images that are coming out

“Millions of people will be impacted by this, millions” said Kelly.


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