SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police are investigating a homicide in south Sacramento Friday morning.

The scene is along the 5600 block of 39th Avenue, near Stockton Boulevard and Lemon Hill Avenue.

According to police, two roommates apparently got into a fight just before 6 a.m. Officers responded to the scene and found an injured man in his 60s in the bedroom of the home.

Checking the laundry room, officers then found a man in his 50s dead. The man looked to have been stabbed at least once, police say.

Detectives are now interviewing witnesses who were also inside the home. A suspect has been detained and no suspects are outstanding, police say.

Officers say they expect to be in the neighborhood for the rest of the day.

  1. You’re better off looking for a cheaper place, then sharing an overpriced unit with a roommate.

    Once you sign the lease with him, you’re stuck with that guy. It’s almost like marriage!

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