By Carlos Correa

MANTECA (CBS13) — The man caught in a video assaulting a San Joaquin Sheriff’s deputy and resisting arrest made his first court appearance in Manteca.

The dramatic video that recorded the entire altercation happened just outside a Costco distribution center near Tracy.

In the video that’s now gone viral, you can see Yaroub Assad allegedly refusing to comply with multiple lawful commands from a San Joaquin county sheriff’s deputy. Assad even knocks the deputy down and attempts to get away in a patrol car while eyewitnesses scream for the deputy to shoot his tires.

Law enforcement experts weigh-in.

“It’s very difficult to hit the tire and not likely that it will accomplish anything other then eventually the suspect will have a flat tire, they can certainly continue with their path of destruction with a shot out tire,” said John McGuiness, former Sacramento Sheriff.

McGuiness has reviewed the video over and over. Although the deputy did fire off his taser, McGuiness said he could have also used his gun to stop the suspect.

“I am not critical of the officer for not shooting but at the same time I think this serves as an opportunity for the public to understand,” McGuiness said, “that just because the suspect didn’t bring a gun to that encounter does not mean that there aren’t a violent threat to the well-being of people around them.”

Assad faces three felony charges: attempted car theft, resisting an executive officer and vandalism – and there could be more charges on the way.

“The district attorney office, we’re very concerned especially an individual that would attack a police officer. This individual obviously poses a great risk and safety to the general public,” said Ronald Freitas, assistant district attorney.

Officials with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office says deputies have to make split-second decisions on the use of force. In this instance, they say the deputy made an assessment that it was not required.

“We are very grateful in this instance that the officer relied upon his training and sound judgment so that he used the appropriate amount of force so that the arrest was, without anybody being hurt,” he said.

During his arraignment, we learned Assad faces burglary charges in Stockton. He remains in custody with bail at $200,000.


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