SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A long, slow line of semi-trucks is making its way through Sacramento to Central California in a coordinated protest on Friday.

Truckers are driving from Sutter County to Fresno in protest of new regulations on logbooks.

The protest is heading down Highway 99 and will end in Fresno, where hundreds of long-haul truck drivers already held a protest on Thursday.

Traffic is slow in the immediate area near the line of truckers. Through Sacramento, the protest passed through Interstate 5 around noon and slowed traffic to a crawl.

Truckers say the new electronic logbooks, which are replacing paper logbooks, will force them to stop even if they’re in a dangerous area.

The California Trucking Association has issued a statement, saying that they are not associated with the protest but do support the truckers’ rights to express their opinions.

“We do not condone unsafe and illegal activities, including creating dangerous driving conditions by impeding traffic on busy freeways,” the association wrote.

California Highway Patrol says they are monitoring the protest and will take action to prevent any dangerous situations when necessary. Officers note that, while they support the right to assemble, blocking traffic for a protest will slow emergency vehicle response times.

Head here for up-to-the-minute traffic conditions around the Sacramento region:

Comments (2)
  1. Electronic logs are the least of the truckers’ problems.
    Wait until ** self-driving rigs ** put them out of a job completely.

    The robots won’t need logs, they can driver around-the-clock with no breaks at all.
    And they don’t complain or try to block traffic like this.
    I look forward to robots getting rid of these whining truckers.

  2. Arrest the first 10 drivers in the convoy for obstructing traffic. Morons.

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