By Carlos Correa

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — More families in Fairfield and their pets have been displaced as firefighters work to save their homes from a fast-moving fire.

Schools have canceled classes for the rest of the week, and a new evacuation center has just opened up at Solano City College.

For the last 12 years, Ernest Bantay has called the Eastridge neighborhood home. Over the last several hours, he and his loved ones have worked hard to protect it from getting burned.

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“We’ve seen wildfires before, it was really scary, you know, and we have to accept it. Its nature’s call and there is nothing we can do about it,” he said.

On Wednesday afternoon, he and other neighbors received notice of an evacuation order. The fast-moving wildfire not only grew, but also got closer to their homes.

“Everybody is kind of scared, and we’re hoping we could win over this wildfire,” he said.

Right now, the fire is in Green Valley, just three miles from Fairfield.

“We have friends that didn’t leave so on one side we know what’s going on in our house in particular but we are really worried for them, and all night along I was thinking what if they can’t get out and that’s probably my biggest worry,” said Alexis Kurowski, who was evacuated from her home.

Other neighborhoods like Rancho Solano have been put on notice. Emergency management officials urging residents to pack a go-bag.

“We didn’t prepare enough, so we didn’t have pre-set bags and stuff like that, we tried to keep a fire break around the house and things like that, but we’ve only lived in the area for like six years,” said Scott Zimmerman, evacuated from his home in Green Valley.

So, what should be in a go-bag? City officials say it has to have all your essential papers and medicine. Also, residents need to be prepared to leave on short notice.

“I’m not going to break into tears, but it’s emotional for us because the county has helped, and so many private businesses have helped us too with McDonald’s—kids came in with I don’t know how many burgers, Egg McMuffins—and they just helped so many,” said Lynden Knoff, evacuated from home.

The City of Fairfield has set up an information line: 707-428-7320


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