By Jennifer McGraw

SANTA ROSA (CBS13) — The Oakmont community has been under attack for days as fires continue to burn, displacing thousands of residents.

“I can’t imagine the stress people are under,” said Barry Mormon, an Oakmont evacuee.

The neighborhood is home to 4,500 people, mainly retired.

“Just miss home,” he said.

Mormon and his wife had only moments to flee.

“They were pounding on the door the police, the sheriff or whoever; we had to get out,” he said.

They found themselves at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds with everyone else who has been waiting for good news.

“In the morning paper there was a picture of firemen putting out a spot fire between two homes in Oakmont,” said Barbara Bowman who was with her husband, Phil.

We showed them that very firefight.

“I don’t know how they are fighting that thing,” Phil said.

While firefighters are fighting the fight for their home, that help is also coming from other direction.

Juan Hernandez came with a truck of donations all the way from Fresno.

“We saw the devastation that has been occurring appear on the news and everyone around the world is aware of what’s going on,” he said.

Meanwhile, firefighters are working tirelessly in an area where homes have already been lost.

“The fire continues to burn,” said Fire Captain Jordan Motta with Cal Fire.

Hoping to save as many lives and homes as possible.

“It’s our goal to get people back into their homes, if they are still standing, as fast as we can,” he said.

It’s a community incredibly grateful for the acts of kindness and heroism they could ever ask for.

“I’m trying to be positive to think you know it will be ok, but it’s going to be hard on the whole community with what’s happened,” Mormon said.

It unclear when anyone will be allowed to go back home.


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