By Damien Barling

The Shield coming through the crowd in their old gear is awesome!!!! I loved it and the crowd loved it. Roman still got some boos. Seth needs to be the guy who does the talking. It’s going to take sometime for the crowd to stop booing Reigns. The more he stays silent, the better. They shouldn’t reference The Shield by their individual names either. At least not on a mic in front of crowd. It gives the crowd a chance to react favorably to Dean and Seth while still booing Reigns. I’m confident this is gonna work to get Roman over as a babyface but its gonna take time.

Of course there is another theory – Roman could turn on the other Shield members. Just saying.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows singing the Honkey Tonk Man’s theme was an unexpected treat.

I envisioned a conversation going like this…
Someone – “Who do we team Jason Jordan with”
Someone else – “Any 2 black guys on the roster.”
Someone – “Why”
Someone else – “We always team the black guys together”

I skip the Cruiserweights. Every week. Every single week.

Is there a better heel promo then The Miz? If so, who? Better yet, is there a better promo, period, then The Miz.

I usually skip Alicia Fox matches.

I skipped this Alicia Fox match.

Remember when Enzo was entertaining?

The Shield and The Bar are fantastic together. Even when the match is obviously meaningless.

Curtis Axel trying to hype up Braun Strowman cracked me up.

I hate everything about this Fin Balor Bray Wyatt program. So, Bray Wyatt is Sister Abigail? Ok. Cool. He’s gonna wrestle dressed as… Whatever. I don’t know. So apparently Fin Balor now has some sort of ultra demon character? Ok.

The Snoop WWE2K18 commercial is awesome.

Roman Reigns came to the ring, down the ramp. The crowd booed. Very loudly. Crap. Maybe I was wrong. The crowd will never cheer him.

“Lets go Roman, Roman sucks” chants. Oh dear.

Strowman and Reigns have fun matches together. Two big guys who look like they’re beating the crap out of each other. Braun hit a superplex on Roman that looked absolutely nuts. These two are great. I love Strowman.

Wait… THAT”S GOTTA BE KANE!!!!!!! Kane is apparently taking time away from running for Mayor to beat up Roman Reigns. This should create some interesting conversation for his opposition.

Strowman pins Reigns and the main event for TLC is The Shield vs Strowman, Kane, Cesaro, Sheamus, and The Miz.


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