VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Road signs continue to be a temptation for mischievous pranksters. This time, it’s a sign in Vacaville that was changed.

Mia Clark, a member of a Vacaville crime group on Facebook recently posted the image of an electronic sign on Vanden Road that read simply “HOOKERS.”

hookers on vanden Latest Hacked Electronic Sign Reads Hookers In Vacaville

(Credit: Nia Clark/Facebook)

The signs are apparently easy to hack and have made the news recently after people programmed them to say things like “ZOMBIES AHEAD” or “SORRY MARIO THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE”.

In September, a sign in Modesto was changed to read “TRUMP IS A B____.”

In some instances, gaining access to the signs’ keyboard and instructions is as easy breaking a lock. Some signs that have been altered weren’t even locked, some say.

This prank exposes how easily hacked road signs meant to increase safety, can lead danger for drivers. Since the signs are used to alert drivers of things like obstacles, speed limit changes, or lane closures, not seeing those messages can pose dangers for motorists.


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