By Jason Ross

The Sacramento Kings have only played one regular season game and a handful of preseason games.  So you can say any kind of evaluation of this team is too early but here goes anyway.  I like them.  I like them in a way that it feels good to enjoy what they are trying to achieve.  I don’t have lofty goals for them this year as far as wins go but I believe they are doing the right thing.  The organization made the difficult decision several months ago to move on from DeMarcus Cousins and truly rebuild this franchise from the bottom.  Many could argue that the team was already at the bottom but they are truly trying to build a foundation for growth.  Ten players on the current roster have been in the NBA for three years or less.  This team has the least returning player minutes from last year over any team in the NBA.  They are young, they are inexperienced but they will grow.

I like the mix of veterans that will make the adjustment period easier on the young fellas.  The organization committed to Vlade Divac and Dave Joerger and I can’t begin to tell you how important that is.  This team will finally have some stability and now it is time to capitalize on that with some serious player development.  The first real game of the season gave us a taste of what this team could become.  They moved the ball, they hustled, the dazzled, they made key shots, the defended, but in the end it wasn’t enough and that is ok.  This team can’t jump from step 1 to a finished product.  It will take time, they need to gel, and they need to grow.

Watching the growth will be the fun part of this process for Kings fans.  Fox, Giles, Jackson, Mason, Skal, Papa G, Willie, Bogdonovic, Malachi, and Buddy will grow at different rates but they will improve.  Finding a core out of that group that you can build around will be paramount.  The names may even change over time on who you think they will grow with but that too will be fun to see that process.  The energy in the building was electric on opening night and the young guys fed off of it.  There was no complaining, there was a good feeling in the air and you generally have a roster filled with good guys.  Guys that are easy to root for and hopefully will grow in a way that will reward the fans with what they are truly starving for and that is more wins.  Enjoy the journey Kings fans.