By Jennifer McGraw

LAKE COUNTY (CBS13) — Chilling video caught by surveillance shows a gunman in mid-rampage at a gas station after he shot and killed two people, injuring three others, including a California Highway Patrol Officer.

It happened on Anchor Village in Clearlake Oaks just after 11 a.m. on Monday.

Investigators identified the suspect as 61-year-old Alan Ashmore.

“It was just boom, boom,” said Pamela Margo who heard the commotion outside her bedroom window just a few blocks away before Ashmore allegedly shot up the gas station.

Investigators believe Ashmore opened fire in a home on Anchor Village, killing a person inside before shooting and killing another person down the street in this car.

“He did I think two—boom, boom. I didn’t hear the glass break. Then when he came out, somebody from down there said, ‘Are you alright?’ He said, ‘Everything’s fine.’ Then he went down to Anchor Village, by this time I was looking, I don’t know how many shots he fired down there,” Margo said.

Ashmore returned to the same area where he got into a confrontation with a CHP officer and allegedly fired at the officer.

“When I saw the gun come out of his window,” Margo said.

“Did he fire at the officer?” a reporter asked.

“Yes, yes and then he took off that way,” Margo answered.

That’s then when he hit up the gas station.

“I think he was targeting almost everybody. Everybody he had a grudge with, and even random citizens,” said Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson.

It was terrifying for Ashmore’s path.

“I saw the passenger window shot out and when I came back I saw a guy slumped over with a bullet in his back,” said another witness.

Ashmore was located a short time later and arrested.

Body armor blocked the bullet the CHP was wearing.

As for a motive, it’s still unknown.

The names of the two people killed in the shooting have also not been released.


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