By Angela Musallam

WOODLAND (CBS13) – Alicia Moore is hitting the streets of Woodland, passing out freebies, hoping someone will talk about the disappearance of her son Elijah who has been missing for nearly a year.

“I'm out with cigarettes, with soda, whatever I can come up with to pass out and strike up a conversation so people can get familiar with me,” Alicia said.

Last seen here in a video cashing a check in Woodland, Elijah vanished one day after turning 17 last November.

“His high school graduation came and went,” Alicia said.

Alicia can't help but think it's linked with the disappearance of his friend and co-worker Enrique Rios, who went missing two and a half weeks earlier.

Enrique's mom, Lola, held a vigil last week, saying law enforcement is keeping both parents in the dark on the investigation.

“There has been no new leads, there's nothing whatsoever and I don't know how two children from the same town could go missing without anybody knowing anything. I don't get it,” Lola said.

The FBI is only saying it's an active investigation.

Lola holds out hope her son is alive.

“Every time I hear a knock on the door I run downstairs and it's not my son,” Lola said.

For Alicia, hope is fading.

“For this to be such a small town and nobody knows anything, I can't believe that,” Alicia said.

The one-year anniversary of Enrique’s disappearance was last week. Elijah's mom plans to have a balloon vigil on Nov. 3, which would have been his 18th birthday.

  1. Robin Trail says:

    THANK YOU CBS for this Update! We (Family) Truly Appreciate it…..

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