Another week of the NFL has concluded an it is time for a look at the five best and worst teams in the NFL.  So here we go.


5. New England Patriots:  The Patriots return to the top 5 after a rough start to the season.  They just embarrassed Atlanta in a game that should have meant a lot to the Falcons.  Tom Brady and company are getting hot and will always be a dangerous team.

4. Los Angeles Rams:  A high powered offense and a strong defense has made this a solid team.  The trip to London was productive to for Los Angeles as they shutout division rival Arizona and injured Carson Palmer.  This division is a two team race and the Rams may just win the NFC West.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  A couple of confusing losses this season but besides that the Steelers have been strong.  Two strong performances in a row with a win at Kansas City and followed up with a division win over Cincinnati.  The Steelers offense is lethal and they seem to be finding a groove.

2.  Kansas City Chiefs:  Two losses in a row hasn’t altered my thinking of this team.  I think Kansas City is really good and well balanced.  I expect them to bounce back quickly and get on another run.

1. Philadelphia Eagles:  With only 1 loss on the season the Went Wagon is rolling.  Philadelphia has taken on all types of teams and ended up on the right side of the game almost every time.  Philly is flying high and the rest of the NFC East is looking up at the best team in football.



28.  Arizona Cardinals:  There are a few teams with worse records than Arizona but this team is here now and may stay here after another major injury.  David Johnson is already out and now add Carson Palmer.  As good of a coach that Bruce Arians is this will take a major miracle for them to bounce back.

29.  New York Giants:  It isn’t their fault that they are here but they are just too banged up.  It is hard to believe this team won 11 games last year but that shows you their potential when they are healthy.

30.  Indianapolis Colts:  Looks like Andrew Luck will be done for the season and the Colts dim hopes of getting back in the AFC South seem to be dashed.  Expect a long second half for Indy.

31.  San Francisco 49ers:  All those competitive games were good but this last Sunday was not.  Never had a chance and got blown out by Dallas.  It will be tough sledding ahead for the 49ers.

32.  Cleveland Browns:  They go to London this week, maybe they can win outside of the United States.


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