By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new service from Amazon is promising customers a new convenience for package delivery.

It’s a service some are welcoming, but others say may be a little too personal.

“I love it when I just order, and they come within an hour and leave it on my porch,” says Amazon customer Kyle Steele.

Steele and his family love shopping on Amazon. They are Prime and Prime Now members, eligible for even quicker deliveries.

“I do it for diapers, wipes, baby food; it’s great if you’re a parent.”

But he’s not so sure about Amazon’s latest service. It allows delivery workers to unlock customer’s doors and deliver packages inside when they’re not home.

Sacramento is one of 37 cities chosen for Amazon’s newest product.

The company says Amazon Key allows company verified delivery people to unlock a customer’s home temporarily and lock it up again before leaving. Customers’ packages will be dropped inside not left out on the porch or front door.

It’s a convenient service for some who worry about porch pirates stealing their delivered goods while they’re away. But other customers say they’re uncomfortable with that.

Anticipating that concern, Amazon says customers will be notified each time someone enters their home by an app, able to see a video recording that has night vision and two-way audio.

Still, some wary customers aren’t willing to be first in line for the service.

“I usually have to be the first to get the new iPhone and other stuff, but I might let things feel their way out on this one, you know,” said Steele.

The cost for the complete camera package is $250. Sacramento customers will be able to begin using Amazon Key Nov. 8.


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