By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parking in Midtown for $2 a day?

It’s true.

The East End Garage on 17th and L streets offers parking to the public after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend, for just $2.
It was leased to the city by the state several years ago when it noticed the garage would empty out after state workers left for the day.

In the heart of Midtown, nestled away behind wall art, it’s Midtown’s best-kept secret.

“I didn’t even know about it.”

A $2 parking garage, with an even bigger window of opportunity.

“It’s worth the walk, nightlife is really nice on K Street, so going to the games on a nice night, it’s actually great to walk,” said one local.

“Two dollars is a steal if you ask me,” said Jordan Finley, who works in Midtown.

Jordan Finley tries to stay out of Midtown after hours and on the weekend.

“It’s kinda hectic you know, you gotta do a couple of laps and find when someone leaves,” Finley said.

It’s not just the wait that turns people off.

“Parking everywhere else is ridiculous it’s a minimum of $15,” said Kiara Downs, who is frustrated with parking in Midtown.

Parking rates went up and free parking hours went down in many parts of Downtown and Midtown Sacramento in 2016 in advance of the opening of the Golden 1 Center.

The East End Garage is a big win for Midtown’s Business Association.

Executive Director Emily Baime Michaels says parking in the structure has gone up by 50 percent over the past few months.

“It’s like this mini San Francisco in the middle of a fairly suburban environment in Sacramento,” Michaels said.

She adds the parking garage offsets traffic around Midtown, and keeps visitors around longer.

“They’ll park there, eat in the area and then walk over to the arena or take a pedicab or an Uber,” Michaels said.

Some Kings fans love the idea, but others say they want the convenience.

“I prefer to park right next to the arena,” said one man.

A hidden gem, connecting locals and visitors to Downtown’s vibrant nightlife.

“It’s a fun experience to have.”

The caveat right now is you have to pay with cash; The city is working on making the garage credit card friendly.


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