COLFAX (CBS13) — A heated Colfax City Council meeting included a profane tirade by the Mayor Pro Tem on Wednesday night.

“I was the one speaking, you idiot,” shouted Tony Hesch, the Colfax Mayor Pro Tem.

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“You shut the [expletive] up when somebody’s talking,” Hesch continued.

Hesch went off on a person in council chambers at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“I’m not going to settle down,” said Hesch “that’s just ridiculous childish unbelievable activities by you guys.”

The profane outburst was aimed at Mark Younggren who responded when Hesh said that Younggren was “wasting his time.”

“I admit I did speak out of turn,” said Younggren, “I’m not supposed to speak. There is a time for that.”

While Younggren says he has no personal problems with Hesh, the two do have a history of squabbling over the city’s marijuana ordinance.

“We’ve in the past had debates that were kind of heated, but nothing like last night,” explained Younggren.

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The city hasn’t allowed any dispensaries for several years, but they’re now considering a change.

“He’s not really sure which way he wants to go on this,” said Younggren.

At the council meeting Wednesday night, Hesch did say that he wants to legalize the dispensaries in the city. He also explained his overall frustration with Younggren and others pushing for legalization.

“All your doing is wanting to make money. You don’t give a damn about anybody in this community. You just want to make money. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Hesch yelled.

“He’s an emotional guy, he’s passionate,” said Council Member Kim Douglas.

Douglas says it’s unfortunate that profanity was used, but overall, He says Hesch is good for Colfax.

“It’s not representative of who he is. He’s done a lot of very good things for the city,” said Douglas.

We spoke with Mr. Hesch, but he declined an on-camera interview. He said he would address the public at some point and on his own terms.

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When asked if he regretted using foul language, Hesch replied, “no comment.”