By Carlos Correa

MODESTO (CBS13) — A rally outside of Rep. Jeff Denham’s office was filled with voters upset with Thursday’s vote on a federal budget.

Denham is one of the Republicans who voted to approve the plan that includes cuts and caps on Medicaid and Medicare.

Mary Rodgers of Modesto is worried about the impact of that vote.

“This type of cut which affects the services to people who are more vulnerable than themselves, to me, that is a shocking thing,” she said.

Rodgers has loved ones who are benefiting from both programs and says the proposed budget cuts will directly impact her family and their bottom line.

“Medications are extremely expensive and the subsidies that California receives help with the payment for medication. Treatment of disorders requires doctor’s visits, and this type of treatment is very hard to receive if you don’t have the money to receive it,” she said.

The budget legislation allows the reduction of federal revenue over the coming decade, as much as $1.5 trillion.

“It hasn’t had much debate at all, in fact, it was unclear when it was going to be voted on, but it was this morning, and while 20 or more Republicans voted against it, Congressman Denham voted for it,” said Tim Robertson, North Valley Labor Federation.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said the vote shows the strength of the willingness of Congress to get tax reform done. Robertson disagrees.

“California has high state taxes that are usually tax deductible under federal policy; this plan looks like it wants to take that away, meaning most Californians in the middle income and working families are going to see an increase in taxes because of this proposed plan,” he said.

A spokesperson for Denham said the congressman would not make any comment on his vote, at this time.

More meetings will be held next week when Congress returns.


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