By Carlos Correa

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Construction is taking place on a new, massive, legally-permitted greenhouse at a cannabis cultivation site in Northern California.

Smart Cannabis made the announcement, saying once the project is complete, it will be one of the largest legally-permitted sites in the state.

Barry Cooper has owned a home in Yolo County since the mid-1970s and recently started noticing a big stench blowing into his neighborhood.

”When the wind blows out of the south, it’s like living in a skunk farm. It gets in the house, it gets in your car, and it just bothers me, it affects your whole quality of life,” Cooper said.

The smell he’s talking about is marijuana, and it’s coming from nearby where construction is planned to create the largest legally-permitted greenhouse cannabis cultivation site.

“I can care less if somebody makes a living, it’s none of my business how people make a living. But for me, it’s just about the smell,” said Cooper.

Under the current ordinance, country leaders look at a couple of things before granting anyone permits including where the location of the business is and if the owner is a good neighbor.

“In Yolo County, we have a history of having people who have really have a long-term view of the use of their property either agriculture or crops. Farmers are very good environmentalists in my opinion. However, if you’re going to inconvenience thousands of people around you or at least 1,000 people directly to your north, for your one time short-term gain of growing one marijuana crop, you’re not the type of person we want to do business with,” said Matt Rexroad, Yolo County supervisor.

By the beginning of the year, owners of Smart Cannabis will have a facility capable of outputting hundreds of pounds of marijuana every week, and if growers like them want to continue doing business in the county, leaders say they have to practice being good neighbors and work to fix the odor problem.

“The reality is that this is a new industry, some of these people aren’t real farmers, they are trying to learn a new crop,” said Rexroad.

There are currently 70 licensed growers in Yolo County. County leaders are considering a marijuana tax to be placed on the ballot in June 2018.

  1. These babies should talk to the farmers in Sonoma if they want to discuss farm smells. The whole county smells like cow plop for most of fall.

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