By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A free therapy clinic is giving local amputee patients a renewed sense of hope to regain their movement and freedom.

The once-a-year program is run by Sacramento State’s Physical Therapy Department. Students, who are about to graduate with degrees in Physical Therapy, offer the treatment.

Alan Goodin, a Sac State Physical Therapy student, tells CBS13, “It’s huge–I mean the academic stuff is super important but until we get our “hands-on,” it changes the whole entire learning process.”

Patients come from all over Northern California. We asked Rob King, who lost his leg, how important this program is.

“It’s very important to me,” Rob tells us, “I’m just learning to improve my gait.”

Rob’s gait and the movement for other patients are impressive.

The students work on everything from face-to-face consultations, to testing range of motion, to a check of the prosthetic to see how well it’s functioning.

The program is looking for about 16 patients to take part in next year’s session. For more information, go here.



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