Another week of NFL action has come and gone and wow is this season going by quickly.  With that said it is time to rank the 5 best and worst teams in the National Football League.


5. Seattle Seahawks:  The last team taking up the top 5 is the toughest for me.  There are several candidates but Seattle lands here this week.  A great game and win over Houston plus they continue to be almost unbeatable at home.  Seattle has a good defense and a puzzling offense but when they are on, lookout.  Seahawks soar in at number 5.

4. New England Patriots:  This team has found something defensively lately.  That has been the biggest difference in the winning streak.  After a couple of weeks the Pats were the worst defensive team in the league.  That has changed and so has the Patriots fortunes.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Pittsburgh has all the makings of a great team when they are on.  The offense is explosive, the defense is solid, the coaching is good and if the Steelers click then they could be the best team in the NFL.

2.  Kansas City Chiefs:  The Chiefs bounced back after two losses with a quality Monday Night win over Denver.  Balance is what the Chiefs can brag about and what they use to beat most teams.

1.Philadelphia Eagles:  Philly continues to stay at the top spot.  They were in a trap game with the 49ers and started slowly but did what good teams do and that was put away a much weaker team.  Philly looks good and they stay at number 1.



28.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Tampa debuts in the bottom 5 after another sluggish performance against Carolina where they scored just 3 points.  The offense should be strong but isn’t and without that they will continue to struggle.

29.  New York Giants:  The bye week didn’t change things for New York.  They are still injured and light on offensive weapons.

30.  Indianapolis Colts:  They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on Sunday.  The Colts had a win over Cincinnati but gave it to the Bengals.  Without Andrew Luck this team will stay in the bottom 5 for a while.

31.  San Francisco 49ers:  It was a tough ask to go into Philadelphia and beat the best team in the NFL.  The 49ers couldn’t get it done there but made big noise on Monday when they traded for Jimmy Garoppolo.  They are being aggressive with this move and time will tell if this pays off.

32.  Cleveland Browns:  They lose in the United States and they now lose in London too.  The Browns actually led at the half over Minnesota but still ended up staying winless.


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